About Us

About Us

Are you interested in giving your excess food to those who need it? Or are you working with the poor and homeless and require food? If you answer yes to any of the two questions, then contact us because we will be happy to work with you.

Food Thanks was started by the couple Tony and Samantha Davis in 2015. This organization started because the couple saw how much food was being wasted by restaurants, food producers and groceries. At the same time, there were a lot of people who go hungry. As such, the couple decided to start this organization in order to be able to bring the food to those who need them most.

Because of the positive nature of the organization’s advocacy, a lot of food businesses approached them in order to be able to give their excess food to them. Other businesses not engaged in food provided funding which enabled Food Thanks to buy trucks with appropriate refrigeration systems.

At the same time, the organization was also able to establish close partnerships with charities and other organizations such as soup kitchens and pantries who were working with the homeless. They are the ones who are now taking the lead in identifying and validating the beneficiaries of Food Thanks.

It is the goal of Food Thanks to continue its work and expand it to other cities and states as well. Currently, it is coordinating with similar organizations to be able to share resources. If you wish to extend your help to Food Thanks, we will always welcome it. Just click on the Contact Us tab in order to reach us.

You may also want to join our team of volunteers. We are always looking for people who would like to give their time and effort in helping other people.